Brand guidelines

Karsten Rowe brand symbol.
Karsten Rowe wordmark design.
Karsten Rowe tagline design.

A simple brand guide for deploying the Karsten Rowe brand.

Short but sweet, the guide is used as a reference point and ensures that the representation of the brand is clear and consistent at all times. Please play nice and follow them.

The wordmark is made up of a custom designed version of the typeface Matinee Idol, letters redrawn, carefully spaced and angles softened.

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Brand guidelines

  • Consistency and simplicity are the priority.
  • Generous and consistent use of whitespace.
  • Karsten Rowe is two words and should always be Capitalised, except when it’s part of a web address or Twitter handle (, @karstenrowe, etc… ).
  • Karsten Rowe should never be set in UPPERCASE.
  • Bold and UPPERCASE should be used sparingly

Logo usage

  • Keep adequate clearance space around the brand assets so they appear clean and uncluttered.
  • The logo only appears in the following three color variants — Neptune Green, Cool Black and Brilliant white.
  • Any shading, other colors or color combinations must be avoided.
  • Assets should not be redrawn, digitally manipulated or altered.
  • The logo should have good contrast with the background to ensure impact and accessibility.
  • The preferred position for the wordmark is top left, centering is also allowed.

Brand colors

The Karsten Rowe color palette has been created to reflect the spirit of our brand. Neptune Green and Cavern Grey for a clean, minimal feel. Complimented with bright, fun secondary colors. For balance, the addition of pastel shades soften the combination.

#72C1B0 Pantone coming soon

#95D1C4 Pantone coming soon

#5D5C5D Pantone coming soon

#B7B7B7 Pantone coming soon

#52BAD5 Pantone coming soon

#FED156 Pantone coming soon

#E85C41 Pantone coming soon

#8C8ACB Pantone coming soon


Roboto Slab and Lato have been selected as primary typefaces.